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Development and application of control system of agricultural radial tire secondary molding unit

at present, agricultural tire production is becoming more and more radial and large-scale. The molding of agricultural radial tires with a wide range of specifications at home and abroad mainly adopts the secondary molding method. Agricultural radial tire secondary molding machine is a tire production line with high integration of machinery, electricity, gas and hydraulic pressure. The machine meets the requirements of agricultural radial tire production process, and is suitable for the production of agricultural radial tires of different specifications. Compared with the primary molding machine, its cost performance is high, and it is the preferred tire molding equipment for current tire manufacturers. The agricultural radial tire secondary molding unit (as shown in Figure 1) successfully developed by Jianyang Longxiang Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been sold in batches to large tire manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, including multinational companies such as Bridgestone Firestone in the United States, with leading international technology and filling the domestic gap

quality requirements of agricultural radial tire secondary molding machine

in 2017, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in the city decreased by 4.25% compared with last year. Agricultural radial tire molding unit is an assembly section of agricultural tire manufacturing, and it is also a key process equipment related to the quality of agricultural radial tire products with non-toxic and pollution-free decomposition residues. Although the manufacturing processes of different tire manufacturers are different, However, the final requirements for tire forming machines are common. A high-performance molding machine needs to have the following characteristics:

1) high degree of automation. Save labor and labor intensity, and improve the stability of product quality

2) high production efficiency. The molding speed is fast, the time of each process can be controlled, and the shutdown and restart cycle can be shortened

3) flexibility. Quickly change the tire specification to adapt to the process adjustment

4) high accuracy. The key to improve tire quality directly

5) high parachute safety level. The equipment protection system is complete to reduce equipment damage and ensure personnel to operate the umbrella

6) high cost performance. Reduce operating costs, simple and convenient operation and maintenance

7) convenient data communication. Realize the automatic management of factory information through Ethernet technology

a high-quality molding machine, reasonable mechanical design is an inevitable prerequisite, but to make the mechanical design performance of modern molding machines play a more outstanding role, automated control system is also crucial. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to effectively optimize the automatic control of tire forming machine. This paper mainly expounds and analyzes the control characteristics of the molding machine and the application practice of the Rockwell controlled nail table

control characteristics of agricultural radial tire secondary molding machine

the electrical system of the molding machine integrates various control forms, specifically:

1) discrete control. Complicated logic and sequence control, including process flow, sequence action and logic coordination of each part

2) control of digital output. Including indicator light, pneumatic components, beacon stepping motor, deviation correction system, etc

3) analog quantity control. Including displacement control, pressure control and tension control

4) motion control. Multi axis coordinated control requires accuracy, speed and synchronization. Including fixed length and electronic gears

5) transmission control. Multiple variable-frequency and variable-speed controls (such as coil guide opening, cutter movement, etc;

6) parachute control. Including light curtain, emergency stop, stay wire, etc

7) application of network technology and compatibility with third-party equipment. Including man-machine interface, I/O, frequency conversion, beacon, deviation correction system, etc

8) there are many I/OS, scattered sites, and many types. For example, DL, d0, Al, a and even can be used at ⑵ 69 ℃; 0. SSL, etc., with high cost performance requirements; Crosslink again

9) the man-machine interface with perfect functions hiss. Including alarms, recipes, historical data, etc

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