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The opening effect of yongpan highway highlights that the radiation power of the hardware industry has been greatly enhanced

since the reform and opening up, the hardware industry in Yongkang has developed rapidly and is highly concentrated; Pan'an, a neighboring county, is located in a mountainous area, with agricultural economy as the main economy and relatively slow industrial economic development. As a neighbor of Pan'an, Yongkang imperceptibly affects and promotes the high-quality social and economic development of Pan'an with the increasing number of hardware products selling well in Pan'an

merchants in Yongkang Hardware City carry hardware products to trucks in yanglongjiang

nearly 200 hardware stores in the county run Yongkang hardware products

luxiaofeng, 49, runs a hardware store in Pan'an County. The 120 square meter storefront is filled with a dazzling array of hardware products, ranging from screws and nuts to hardware and electromechanical products

luxiaofeng has been running "Xiaofeng hardware firm" for more than 20 years. Recently, he told that he used to work in electric welding and had more dealings with hardware products. He found that there were not many hardware stores in the county at that time, and there were huge business opportunities in hardware products, so he began to start a business and run the hardware business

in the 1990s, when Lu Xiaofeng first started his hardware business, the supply of goods in the store mainly came from Yongkang, Yiwu, Jinhua and other places. At that time, he took buses to various places during the day to shop around and find the most cost-effective hardware products. After finding the source of goods, I drove my pickup truck to purchase goods the next day. Lu Xiaofeng said frankly, "more than 20 years ago, Yongkang Hardware City was just completed. There were more merchants in it than our customers, and the hardware products were far less diverse than now, so the volume of hardware products imported from Yongkang was less than 30%

the development of Yongkang hardware industry and the expansion of industrial clusters have slowly changed Lu Xiaofeng's purchase method. "Now more than 70% of the hardware products in the store are from Yongkang." Luxiaofeng said, "In the past, the road was inconvenient, and it took more than two hours to purchase goods from Yongkang, which was more troublesome than going to Jinhua and Yiwu. Now, the opening of yongpan line and Dongyong Expressway greatly shortened the time spent on the road. Secondly, compared with Yongkang, Yongkang's hardware products have a wider variety, better quality and higher scientific and technological content, which can basically meet the needs of the store; the most important thing is that as long as one product is needed, the freight company can deliver it to the door.", Very convenient. "

during the interview, several groups of customers came to the store to purchase hardware products from time to time. When asked about the benefits of Yongkang hardware to doing business, he said: "you have embarked on a road to prosperity, and your family has a house and car. In the past two years, the reconstruction of the old urban area of Pan'an County, construction and decoration are inseparable from hardware. With a turnover of about 5000 yuan a day, 1.5 million yuan a year should not be a problem." Like Lu Xiaofeng, there are nearly 200 beneficiaries of Yongkang hardware industry in Pan'an

its solution:

luxiaofeng, the boss of Xiaofeng hardware firm, is communicating with customers

engage in the transportation of hardware products, and travel to and from yongpan every day.

Lu Xiaofeng mentioned that "someone will send Yongkang hardware products to the door at one time", which is attributed to Yongkang's developed logistics industry, and Yang Longjiang is one of the vast logistics army

from 9:00 a.m. to about 12:00 p.m. every day, you can see a freight car parked in the hardware square waiting for merchants to load hardware products, and then transport hardware products to Pan'an. Although the words "Shizhu Town, Yongkang City" are printed on the car, the shipper Yang Longjiang is from Yangzhai village, Pan'an County

"I used to do decoration in Shizhu Town, Yongkang. Later, I changed to logistics. Now I can earn fiveorsix hundred for a round trip to Pan'an, Yongkang every day. When I return with a full load, I can have sevenoreight hundred freight." Yang Longjiang told him that he had been doing logistics for six or seven years, and was mainly responsible for transporting the hardware products of Yongkang Hardware City to the new urban area, Xinwo Town, Incheon town and other areas of Pan'an

"it used to take a long time to travel from Pan'an to Yongkang by Tangxi natural village. Now the yongpan line is opened, which is much faster than before." Yang Longjiang really felt that the convenient transportation conditions saved him a lot of time and cost. "In the past, he had to go out at about 5 o'clock in Yongkang. He had to unload the goods in Pan'an in the logistics center, and then load the goods in hardware city. Now it would not be late to go out at 6 o'clock."

when communicating with Yang Longjiang, from time to time, merchants in hardware city drive trucks to load hardware products into Yang Longjiang's cars. Yang Longjiang explained to him while busy, "I have 40 or 50 fixed customers, and occasionally pick up some individual customers. A car can hold about 28 cubic meters of goods. Doors, parts, various accessories, electric tools, metal materials, etc. are Pan'an's best-selling hardware products."

there are many freight forwarders shuttling between yongpan and hardware city. Yang Longjiang knows more than a dozen cars alone. Most of them have their own fixed customers, and the products of Yongkang Hardware City are continuously transported to the hardware store or hardware factory in Pan'an

in his shipping career in recent years, Yang Longjiang found that the goods transported to Pan'an hardware factory were slowly increasing: "more and more Yongkang people run hardware factories in Pan'an, often helping them to transport some accessories and other goods, often four or five tons. Now when they are busy, they have to run twice a day."

Yongkang business owners set up factories in Pan'an to boost local economic development

Li Shirong, who just moved to the cold water industrial zone of Pan'an County at the beginning of this year, is one of many Yongkang people who set up hardware enterprises in Pan'an

"in recent years, Yongkang has been breaking down violations, and the supply and demand of the plant has changed, resulting in the higher rent of Yongkang's plant. The rent of the plant in Pan'an is relatively low, so we took more than 30 employees and moved the whole plant." Li Shirong told him that he spent more than 4 million yuan on the current plant, and it would cost more than 10 million yuan in Yongkang. The rent of Yongkang plant is about 280 yuan per square meter, and the price of this plant is about 800 yuan per square meter

Li Shirong moved the hardware factory to Pan'an, but it was difficult for him to commute between the two places. "My brother's factory also moved to Pan'an from Yongkang to make thermos cups. I produce thermos cup accessories. Although most of the accessories produced can be directly taken to my brother's side, some products still need to be transported back to Yongkang market for digestion. Compared with pure polypropylene matrix and DLFT compression molding compound"

setting up a factory in Pan'an saves Li Shirong a large amount of rental funds, But the dilemma of Pan'an's lack of corresponding supporting facilities also caught him by surprise: "Pan'an lacks the complete hardware facilities and production chain like Yongkang. There is no mold shop here, so I have to rush back to Yongkang to process molds. Moreover, Yongkang is the capital of hardware, and we need to know the dynamics of the market from time to time through Yongkang."

for Yongkang hardware business owners like Li Shirong, there are gains and losses in moving the factory to other places. But for Pan'an, it has greatly promoted the local social and economic development

Yongkang enterprises have contributed a lot of taxes to Pan'an finance. At the same time, the enterprise brings a large number of migrant workers, which promotes the development of local farmers' rental housing and catering industry. The Factory Yongkang moved to provided many jobs and increased employment opportunities for Pan'an people


let Yongkang Hardware better help the high-quality development of Pan'an

China Science and technology hardware city and Yongkang hardware are the two golden cards of Yongkang economy, which have strong radiation and influence, with a wide range of speed regulation. In the underdeveloped mountain county Pan'an County, Yongkang Hardware plays a major role in promoting the development of local social economy and facilitating the life of local people

during the visit, it was found that due to the influence of factors such as high mountains, long roads and uneven distribution of hardware stores, the same products have different prices in Pan'an urban and rural hardware stores, and there is price competition between individual hardware stores. Pan'an people and Yongkang people who operate hardware products should develop together. By establishing corresponding organizations, developing hand in hand, exchanging information and sharing experience may be an effective way to break the vicious competition

there are gains and losses in setting up factories in other places. Yongkang business owners who run the experimental curve hardware factory in Pan'an County should develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and more actively integrate with Yongkang hardware industry; Relevant hardware products should be derived according to the social and economic characteristics of Pan'an to create a new world. All these need to be constantly explored and improved in order to make Yongkang Hardware better and more effectively promote the social and economic development of Pan'an

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