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At 9:58 on December 18, 2006, the opening ceremony of Liaoning Han Guan Hua printing technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Han Guan Hua) was held in its newly completed light machine assembly workshop. The spacious workshop was decorated with a festive atmosphere everywhere. Hundreds of guests gathered here to witness this exciting moment

the opening ceremony was presided over by Liu Xuezhi, general manager of Han's Guanhua. The main leaders attending the meeting were Zhao Huaming, mayor of Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, Zhang Jianqun, executive president of Shenzhen Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Demao, vice president of China printing and equipment industry association, relevant leaders of the former Yingkou Guanhua and leaders of other relevant departments. At the beginning of the conference, the guests delivered a speech, in which Mr. zhaohuaming, the mayor of Yingkou, clearly stated that he would fully support the development of Han nationality Guanhua and provide the most comprehensive services for it; Mr. wangdemao pointed out that the alliance between Han nationality and Guanhua is a great blessing in the industry and will play a great role in promoting the development of China's printing industry

then there was the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening ceremony of Han's Guanhua and the unveiling ceremony of Han's Guanhua. At the moment of ribbon cutting, applause rose, drums and music worked together to reflect the integration of new materials and industrial utilization, firecrackers burst, and everyone celebrated the birthday of Han's Guanhua! After the ceremony, led by general manager liuxuezhi, the guests visited the production workshop and R & D Laboratory of Han's Guanhua with great interest, and were amazed at the achievements of Han's Guanhua

Yingkou Guanhua offset press Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd. are one of the leading enterprises in China's offset press manufacturing industry, excluding the continuation of artificial intelligence, and the other is a leading enterprise in domestic laser processing equipment. The two industry leaders shook hands with each other across regions and industries, realizing the combination of Optoelectronics and machinery, realizing the combination of science and technology and capital, and creating a new development model for China's printing equipment enterprises. This is an unbearable innovation in China's printing industry. Han's Guanhua will be committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions for rapid color printing, Make due contributions to the transformation of China's printing industry to achieve multi-color efficiency and digital quality. Let's hope that the tolerance of direct marking deviation is the tolerance zone used to mark the tolerance of plastic parts. Let's have a bright future

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