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The opening ceremony of the new digital printing Institute station was held

on March 26, the opening ceremony of the annual Digital Printing Institute station celebration series and the opening ceremony of the new digital printing Institute station were held in the lecture hall of the experimental building of Beijing Printing Institute. The college leaders attending the opening ceremony included professor xuwencai, assistant to the president of Beijing Institute of printing and packaging engineering and President of the school of printing and packaging engineering, Yu Chunrong, head of the Organization Department of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union, Gao Yangwen, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, and other brother colleges and universities such as the people's Public Security University of China and Beijing Institute of petrochemical technology, who also sent representatives to attend the opening ceremony

in order to implement the spirit of "building Beijing Institute of printing into a University of media science and technology" proposed by the first party congress of Beijing Institute of printing, digital printing came into being. Digital Printing Institute has been trying to establish an efficient, competitive and self survival student media that provides customers with excellent testing equipment and has a certain influence in the printing industry, and establishes a platform for students, teachers and society to communicate and understand each other

at the ceremony, it is usually applicable to the realization of the predetermined tolerance of the cylinder surface. Mr. Zhao Xin, the president of the digital printing Institute, briefly introduced the background, significance and internal organizational structure of the establishment of the digital printing institute through the purchase of services by the government. Secretary Gao Yangwen placed deep expectations on the future development of the digital printing Institute, and hoped that the digital printing institute could be better and better. Yuecongyuan, deputy director of the teaching technology and network center, proposed to fully help the construction of Digital Printing Institute on the premise of conforming to the spirit of the school's Party committee. Professor xuwencai opened the new website of Digital Printing Institute and changed the domain name to. At the same time, he affirmed the achievements of Digital Printing Institute in the past year, and put forward some opinions on the positioning and future development of Digital Printing Institute

Manroland (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiaotong University Student Union, Shanghai Tongji University Student Union, Sun Yat sen University School of life sciences student union, Communication University of China Animation student union, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications student union, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology Student Union, China People's public security university student Union, Beijing Institute of printing student union association and other organizations sent congratulatory messages for the opening ceremony of the new version of the digital printing Institute station

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