The nitrogen oxides in the emissions of the hottes

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The nitrogen oxide in the emission of Aodong glass exceeds the standard

can be installed on a mold. A glass production enterprise near the village of miaogan Town, Sishui county often emits white or yellow smoke from the chimney, and sometimes billowing black smoke, which makes the villagers living nearby worried

come to Aodong glass products Co., Ltd. located on the south side of national highway 327 and east of Surabaya toll station. Far away from the factory gate, you can clearly see bursts of yellow smoke from the towering chimney. "Sometimes it's yellow smoke, sometimes it's white smoke, and from time to time it emits a lot of black smoke. I don't know if it will cause harm to my body." The villagers of dongyandian village opposite Aodong glass products Co., Ltd. told that the enterprise was built three years ago. As soon as the villagers living nearby looked up, they saw that the chimney was smoking, and they all felt polluted and worried

then, I interviewed Aodong glass products Co., Ltd. The relevant person in charge of the company said, "we all follow the standard, and the smoke is desulfurized." As for why the black leading group office is located in the Ministry of industry and information technology, the person in charge explained that it is caused by the conversion of heat in the kiln. The conversion process is only 3 seconds, and the black smoke emission is very small. When asking whether the smoke emitted by the enterprise will affect the surrounding environment and the performance characteristics of the villagers' digital electronic tensile testing machine and what the equipment usually protects, do you know? Next, the technical staff of our company will introduce it to you. When the impact was caused, the person in charge didn't answer the question directly anymore, said "say it again", and hung up

does Aodong glass products Co., Ltd. comply with the standard as it said? Contacted Sishui County Environmental Protection Bureau. Wang, chief of the pollution control department, said that she didn't know the specific situation of the enterprise very well. Let's contact captain Zhou of the environmental monitoring brigade of Sishui County Environmental Protection Bureau. After much contact with Captain Zhou, he told him that Aodong glass products Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and put into operation in 2013. At that time, the Environmental Protection Bureau urged Aodong glass to install desulfurization and dust removal facilities, and achieved the emission standard. The new environmental protection law was implemented in 2015. According to the current emission standards, the emission cost of the enterprise will fall, and the nitrogen oxide in the products will exceed the standard. The enterprise has been urged to install another set of desulfurization, dust removal and denitration facilities as soon as possible

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