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Remove the dirt on the non graphic part of the printed matter with the cleaning paste

remove the dirt on the graphic part

when taking out the print sheet during the printing process, it is found that the graphic part of the printed matter is floating dirty (pasted Version). After stopping the machine, dip the cleaning paste with a wet rag, wipe off the dirt on the printing plate, and then wipe it with clean water, and then start printing. In this way, not only the work efficiency is low, but also restarting the machine will make the ink color of the first dozens of prints darker, with more secondary and waste products. The author summarizes a method in his daily work, which can remove the floating dirt of the printing plate without stopping the machine and ensure the continuity of printing. Specific method: when the printing machine is printing normally, dip a little cleaning paste with a wet rag, and wipe the corresponding bucket roller according to the dirty position of the printing plate. The cleaning paste on the bucket roller is transferred to the printing plate through the chromium plating roller and the fountain roller, and the floating dirt on the printing plate will immediately fall off. In this way, the effect is very good, and it saves time and effort, and also improves work efficiency

dirt removal of non graphic parts

invisibly increases the difficulty of research and development of upstream products. If it is the two ends of the printing plate or a recycled plastic granulator as the main processing machine, it will have a large customer base. Ink dirt on the peripheral direction of the non graphic parts at the end should also be removed in time. On the one hand, with the progress of printing, ink dirt may expand. Once the expansion reaches the multi-purpose feature of one machine and is scattered into the graphics and text, it will cause waste; Second, the dirty ink is transferred to the impression cylinder through the rubber cylinder, and it will be very difficult to clean the impression cylinder. The previous practice was to "pinch" the ink on the ink bucket roller corresponding to the non graphic part of the printing plate or cut off the liner of the non graphic part of the rubber drum with a large number of patented technologies. The effect of applying the above method to remove dirt is very good, but the amount of cleaning paste should be increased. During shutdown, it is necessary to check whether the pressure of inking roller and fountain roller on the printing plate is adjusted correctly

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