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Qian'an Luanhe River comprehensive development No. 4 rubber dam project is progressing smoothly

in order to effectively improve the water resources guarantee ability of Qian'an City, Qian'an city starts the measurement and control system of open-source instruments and adopts the controller hytestv6.0 developed by the world's more advanced 32-bit ARM technology This controller is based on the 32-bit arm platform to implement the Luanhe River comprehensive development project, promote the construction of Luanhe river ecological leisure area, and strive to use 2 to 3 years to carry out the overall development of the Luanhe River Qian'an urban section with a total length of 23.5 kilometers. Up to now, the preparatory work for the comprehensive development project has been completed, and the construction of No. 4 rubber dam is progressing smoothly

4 rubber dam is located 1600 meters downstream of the Luanhe River Zhaocun bridge (the hydraulic universal testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used for the old metal bridge). The project includes rubber dam, water diversion gate, water supply and drainage pump room, management room and upstream and downstream river protection works of the rubber dam, with a total investment of 75 million yuan

the project is designed by the second survey, design and Research Institute of water resources and Hydropower of Hebei Province. The supervision unit is Beijing Water Conservancy Engineering Corporation, the testing unit is Hebei Provincial Water and petrochemical energy consumption reduction project quality testing center station, the construction unit is Hebei Water Conservancy Engineering Bureau, and the construction unit is Ruiteng Investment Co., Ltd

the project was officially started on September 1st, 2011. At present, 20million yuan has been invested, 330000 cubic meters of earth excavation, 42000 cubic meters of earth backfilling, 5333 cubic meters of concrete pouring and 2400 square meters of geomembrane laying have been completed

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