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Geophysics company has successfully developed and put into production node seismic instruments

recently, geophysics company issued the first batch of 2000 production tasks for node instruments, marking the success of research and development of node instruments with independent intellectual property rights and entering the mass production stage

seismic instruments and equipment are the core equipment of geophysical exploration and acquisition. For a long time, they have been blocked by foreign technology and market monopoly, which directly restricts the market competitiveness of the company. Closely combined with the development trend of geophysical exploration technology and equipment, geophysical companies have solidly promoted the research and development of acquisition equipment. After three years of research from 2015 to 2018, geophysics company undertook and completed the project of "enterprise acquisition system for wireless seismic exploration with a view to obtaining product upgrading services" of petroleum engineering company, and successfully passed the acceptance of an expert group composed of professors and experts from China University of petroleum and other units on September 27. The company's headquarters is located in Xiamen. The expert group believes that the node instruments meet the requirements of geophysical exploration acquisition and application. Compared with foreign node instruments, they have richer functions and better meet the needs of quality monitoring. On the second day of the release of the new national standard, the main technical and performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. The project has formed five technological innovations and applied for six national invention patents. The developed node instruments have been successively applied in the oil and gas exploration in the eastern plains and western mountains, the shallow engineering exploration of urban space survey in Chengdu, and the deep seismic geological engineering exploration project in Inner Mongolia, saving construction costs, raising 50Hz, improving construction efficiency, reducing safety risks, and achieving good application results

the successful research and development of node instruments with independent intellectual property rights has filled the gap of Sinopec Group's high-end core acquisition equipment. In order to speed up the transformation of achievements, the application of seismic acquisition projects is quickly supported. A few days ago, the geophysical company launched the mass production and manufacturing of the first batch of 2000 channel node instruments, which also marks that the research, production and manufacturing of core seismic instruments with Sinopec's independent intellectual property rights has entered a new stage. For the geophysical company to reduce costs and increase efficiency, transform and upgrade, realize the extension of the industrial chain to equipment research, development and manufacturing, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and cultivate and form a geophysical exploration and acquisition equipment and service technology series with Sinopec's unique characteristics, Of great significance. (wuxuebing)

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