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Chemical Sales North China branch has expanded its total resources and increased its market share since this year, Chemical Sales North China branch has adhered to the working idea of "providing for the needs of the market based on past experience, doing what enterprises want, seizing opportunities, staying close to the market, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results", which has better met the needs of customers and worked hard to improve its market share by promoting self-management and efficiency creation

while doing a good job in the marketing of chemical products in the system, the Chemical Sales North China branch continued to strengthen its own trade work. They strengthened market segmentation research and expanded self operated channels. Since this year, the company has carried out self-supporting trade of chemical products such as caprolactam, p-xylene and ethylene glycol, and established an incentive mechanism to effectively increase the market share of self-supporting trade

the company also made use of its existing sales channels, mainly visited large-scale production plants, and made a detailed investigation on the supply channels, varieties, quantity and quality of its production raw materials, striving to expand the supply varieties and quantities. In August alone, the self operated trade volume exceeded 10000 tons

the company continues to promote the expansion of old devices and the pre-sale of new devices. In 2009, 25000 T/a benzoic acid of Yanshan Petrochemical, 100000 t/a caprolactam of Shijiazhuang refining and chemical, 1million T/a ethylene of Tianjin Petrochemical and supporting devices have been or will be put into operation. The company set up a special project team to formulate a work plan and sales plan. The card can be directly inserted into any 1pci slot of the microcomputer, establish a communication and coordination mechanism with the production enterprise, invite technicians to train the salesperson, print product brochures, hold a new increased production promotion meeting, sign a product pre-sales contract, implement the product flow direction, refine the logistics plan, and lay a foundation for ensuring the smooth sales of new products

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