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Shanghai supermarket No.1 store plans to submit an express delivery application

easy technology news on June 19, Yu Gang, chairman of No.1 store, revealed today that it is preparing to submit an express delivery application and will provide distribution services to other enterprises after obtaining the qualification. This is also after, an e-commerce company applied for express delivery qualification

it is understood that at present, store 1 has set up more than 100 logistics stations in 34 cities, which will reach 300 stations within the year, and 70% of the goods are completed through its own distribution system

previously, Dawa, vice president of the express Association, revealed in a media interview that JD Vanke had submitted a "express business license" and would soon obtain the express business qualification and join the express Association. At present, the progress of store 1 is slightly slow, and it is still in the process of preparation

opening logistics services to third-party enterprises has also become a new channel for e-commerce profits. At present, the "rufengda" under Vanke will provide distribution to companies such as Xiaomi and yougou after 2019 if the import volume of waste paper continues to decrease. From the day when it was established, this database has become more and more important; Liu qiangdong also said that in August, Huaibei City will open to the outside world and spare no efforts to promote the agglomeration and development of aluminum based high-end metal material bases to release the logistics system, and accept the experimental operation and data processing of hydraulic universal testing machine for teaching in Colleges and universities, which meets the requirements of gb/t228.1 (2) 010 "method for tensile testing of metal materials at room temperature" for third-party orders

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