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Hankuk paper's No. 3 paper machine in Korean factory is about to be put into production.

Hankuk paper's No. 3 coated chemical pulp machine in Korean Onsan factory is about to be put into production, with trial production on July 10 and formal commercial production on August 30. At present, the Korean paper market is still in a state of overproduction, but the company believes that this will not affect them, because Hankuk's products are oriented to some specific markets and exports

the new paper machine is provided by IHI company in Japan, with a speed of 500 m/min, a width of 3.37 m, an annual capacity of 76000 tons, and a product weight between GSM. The paper testing machine is also equipped with a coater, with a speed of M/min, a roll width of 3.28 meters, and an annual coating capacity of 80000 tons. This coating development will eventually solve this problem. The cloth machine will produce GSM coating chemical pulp to produce bio rubber material paper and special paper based on renewable economic crop yinjiaoju. The drying of coated paper will be carried out in infrared mode, which provides a guarantee for high standard printing

3 paper machine will specially produce high volume paper with high smoothness and strong printability. 50% of the products of the paper machine will be exported, and China is its main exporter. A spokesman of the company said that this was mainly because China's coating chemistry, including the Dagang factory in Pan Asia, absorbed the international advanced electro-hydraulic servo dynamic experimental machine technology, and most pulp and paper manufacturers only produced light gram paper

onsan factory also has two other paper machines and two external coating machines. Its annual capacity of coated and uncoated chemical pulp paper is 250000 tons

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