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stimulated by tobacco and caffeine, chenhuixiang's thinking is very active in low precision dimension. In November last year, he spent three months to complete "breaking the inflection point" (hereinafter referred to as "inflection point")

after leaving the post of CEO of a group, he released all his accumulation in the previous five years and enjoyed the pleasure of writing

10 years ago, he handed a thick stack of printed manuscripts "why Lenovo" to Liu Chuanzhi, who was regarded as "unorganized" by the leaders; Ten years later, he still did not give up his research on Chinese enterprises. This time, Liu Chuanzhi wrote a preface

through the book "inflection point", he analyzed the actual cases of Chinese local enterprises from three perspectives: the inflection point of strategic change, the inflection point of organizational change and the inflection point of leadership growth. He called this "triple structural change". He does not shy away from saying that he wants to be a "Chinese aborigine", do research that is faithful to the particularity of Chinese enterprises, and despise all criticism of enterprises that are divorced from China's national conditions

from entrepreneur to scholar

in order to taste the pear, chenhuixiang ate the pear himself

before writing the book, chenhuixiang was appointed president of a medium-sized real estate group

chenhuixiang has always thought that he is not suitable to be an entrepreneur, "at best, he should be an aide and chief of staff". After becoming famous in one fell swoop, chenhuixiang refused the invitation of at least three enterprises, including well-known listed companies. However, the private enterprise he is responsible for is not large in scale, with a sales revenue of more than 800million yuan. It is at a key point of upgrading, and there are many problems to be solved. This is exactly what chenhuixiang likes

being president gave him a real chance to practice. In less than two years, he took the enterprise facing the "inflection point" to realize the national layout, and realized the team change with the new forces

if the "Chen theory" is applied, chenhuixiang is seeking changes in strategy and organization for this enterprise, so that the annual sales of this enterprise has leaped from 800million yuan as a sincere friend and partner of common development to 2billion yuan

in a timely manner, chenhuixiang believes that the CEO's experience has proved the correctness of strategic and organizational changes. Coupled with the leaders' own changes, a closed loop is formed, which proves that his "triple change" theory is fully feasible

chenhuixiang said: "people who are in Lushan do not know the true face of Lushan, but people who have not been in Lushan once do not know the true face of Lushan just by looking from a distance." However, entrepreneurs who have "entered Lushan" are often "too limited to a certain industry. At the same time, successful entrepreneurs are not objective enough to analyze problems"

"inside, outside"

after the actual battle, chenhuixiang believes that Chinese enterprises are experiencing a problem of economies of scale, internationalization and enterprise inheritance. These questions are often not answered in business school textbooks

for example, everlasting foundation, from excellence to excellence, and so on. These books are better. However, the vast majority of Chinese enterprises are still start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. They are only 10 or 20 years old. They don't even have the genes of an excellent company today. They still have to learn how to grow. Facing the inflection point

"in the 1980s, the first decade of the development of Chinese enterprises was the opportunity to win; in the 1990s, the second decade became the use of products, channels, sales, advertising and other means to achieve strategic success; in 2000, to achieve the transformation from made in China to created in China, this has been a subject of 'ability to win'."

in fact, many Chinese enterprises have encountered "inflection points"

an entrepreneur in Jinhua, he has been committed to the manufacturing of luggage for more than ten years. This entrepreneur worth hundreds of millions of yuan even admired chenhuixiang for his dedication to luggage

in a recent conversation, the entrepreneur still wanted to discuss the "brand" with chenhuixiang: "do you want to be a luggage brand"; "What problems need to be solved to become a brand". At this time, his real estate business has been booming. The man said frankly to chenhuixiang that the real estate is really good, but if the computer tension machine and the computer fail to connect, the tensile test will not be able to make money

"he chose a professional real estate team to develop the two pieces of land he had acquired a few years ago in batches, and gained a good reputation in the local area. Not long ago, he took the land in Dezhou, Shandong Province with the money he earned from real estate sales."

at the moment, the entrepreneur still spends most of his energy thinking about how to promote his luggage brand to the European and American markets. He never gave up his pursuit because of the digital temptation brought by real estate

chenhuixiang believes that this entrepreneur has many characteristics of Zhejiang bosses. Chenhuixiang also mentioned the practice of "exhausting an industry to the extreme" in the inflection point. "The inflection point is the watershed. If you choose the right one, move on. If you choose the wrong one, all your previous efforts will be wasted. The inflection point is full of temptation. The right opportunity comes from the right choice. And the right choice depends on your will." This is a passage from chenhuixiang's book

at this time, the Delong incident that shocked the whole country broke out, and the swift system was questioned. Maintaining foresight, improving capability and taking the initiative to change are the principles that every enterprise needs to follow to break through the inflection point. The position and height of enterprise leaders, as well as the strategic layout of enterprises, play a vital role in breaking through the inflection point

talk about "inflection point" from a larger level. Chenhuixiang said: "more than 90% of China's entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs. They only have a sense of mission. 3. Simple electric pull rich. They have no sense of organizational mission."

is still an old friend of chenhuixiang, an entrepreneur in Wuhan, who used to be a middle school teacher. In 1999, he was worth hundreds of millions by virtue of opportunities and wisdom. After entering 2000, he had no passion and poured a lot of money on immigration and tourism

this entrepreneur has recently been accepted by Chen Hui

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