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5g phase III second batch of specifications release: the system equipment will be pre commercialized by the end of this year original title: 5g phase III second batch of specifications release: the system equipment will be pre commercialized by the end of this year

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August 24, the future prospects are not optimistic in the future. On the "5g and the future network high-end forum" held during the first Chongqing international intelligence Expo, Wangzhiqin, deputy leader of imt-2020 (5g) promotion team, released the second batch of specifications for the third phase of China's 5g technology research and test. The specifications at this stage mainly include seven parts: 5g core technical requirements, 5g core test methods, digital distribution system, base station SA revision, 5g base station performance, SA outfield group performance, interoperability research and development test iodt

the focus of this specification is designed for a very important feature of the health development of the 5g independent group, which has frozen the standard in June this year and will be launched in the third quarter of this year, is to increase the support for the development of traditional Chinese medicine (SA) test

it is understood that there are more than ten working groups in the 5g promotion group, of which the 5g test group specifically implements the 5g technology test of the whole organization. At present, major enterprises at home and abroad have participated in this test. "From here, we can see the breakthrough of 5g core industry, which accounts for 14.11% of the whole country, including operating enterprises, system enterprises, chips, terminals, instruments and meters, devices, and future modules are all links of the industry." Wang Zhiqin said

Wang Zhiqin said, "the 5g technology test started very early. The whole test is divided into two stages. The first stage is in. This year, we enter the key period called the first part and the third stage, focusing on the verification of the system group. It is expected that the 5g scale test will continue at the end of this year. This part of work will be mainly carried out by operating enterprises, and 5g scale network organization and test work will be carried out in more cities in China."

"by the end of this year, the system equipment will be pre commercialized. The terminal time is still relatively tight. Many chip enterprises will actually have commercial chips in the first half of next year, and there will be some adjustments in research and development and terminals." Wang Zhiqin revealed

Wang Zhiqin said at the meeting that since the 5g international standard has been released, it is precisely because such an industry has entered a sprint period, and the industrial development has entered a very critical stage. "At this critical node, various enterprises have increased the research and development of 5g. The 5g promotion group and 5g technology test hope to be used as a platform and carrier to promote the coordinated and accelerated mature development of the whole industry. It is hoped that 5g, as a highway, will have more rich businesses and work on it, and more innovation to promote the development of the whole economy and society."

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