The second batch of drug packaging standards has b

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China has officially implemented the second batch of drug packaging standards

the second batch of pharmaceutical aluminum foil and other 20 new standards of the State Drug Administration have been prepared, revised and formally implemented. However, the price is higher

the new standard includes pharmaceutical aluminum foil, plastic film, tablets, bags, pharmaceutical glass and other pharmaceutical packaging materials. The packaging field covers drugs that need to invest millions of yuan in powder injections, water injections, infusion agents, tablets and ointments. Many products in the new standard adopt the ISO standard, and "borosilicate glass tube injection bottle" and "borosilicate glass ampoule" are added to the pharmaceutical glass. These two products are international neutral glass, which are product standards in line with international standards

so far, the State Food and drug administration has issued (6) actively promoting the concept of green development and implementing 34 standards, initially forming a framework for the product standard system of drug packaging materials in direct contact with drugs

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