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The second batch of projects of the "golden sun" demonstration project of the year will be officially launched in the near future after the "golden sun" demonstration project of this year is officially launched in February

on September 17, several executives of photovoltaic enterprises confirmed the news. "The second batch of 'golden sun' demonstration projects will be launched at the end of September and early October, with a total scale of about 2gw." An executive of a photovoltaic enterprise disclosed to

the "golden sun" demonstration project was launched in 2009. At present, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology and the national energy department jointly promote the main torque of the experimental machine due to spring change. The demonstration project in the leading period includes 329 projects, with a total design installed capacity of 642mw, which will take years to complete; In 2010, the second phase of the demonstration project was 272mw, and in 2011, the third phase of the "golden sun" demonstration project, plastic tensile testing machine, is a kind of electronic tensile testing machine, with a scale of 600MW. The construction cycle of the second and third phases was shortened to one year

the total scale of the "golden sun" demonstration project approved in 2012 is 1.079gw, which has exceeded the total installed capacity of photovoltaic in the previous three years, and the projects that require to pass the audit must be completed and accepted before December 31, 2012

"two batches of 'golden Suns' will be launched within a year, which is unprecedented over the years, reflecting the willingness of the three ministries and commissions to expand China's new energy industry." Wang Xinghua, chairman of Zhongsheng optoelectronics, analyzed that the total installed capacity of PV in China in 2011 was 2.89gw. If the news of the second batch of 2gw is true, the two batches will be merged within a year, and the scale of 3.07gw has exceeded the total installed capacity of PV in China last year

as the largest trade dispute between China and the EU in history, on September 6, the EU announced the filing of photovoltaic anti-dumping cases against China. In 2011, China's exports of photovoltaic products to Europe reached US $20.4 billion, with more than 500000 direct employees and more than 1million indirect employees

previously, in May, the US Department of Commerce announced in its preliminary determination that it would impose a high tariff of 30% to 250% on China's photovoltaic industry. The rampant trade protectionism in the United States and the European Union has overwhelmed China's photovoltaic industry, which is already on the brink of debt crisis

Wang Xinghua believes that the top management has shown its determination to save the domestic photovoltaic industry with the help of the domestic market, "but the key is that the problem of electricity has not been solved." For example, due to the upper capacity index limit of Western photovoltaic power stations, "Evonik is an innovative industrial group from Germany that only allows you to drive for twoorthree days in a week, and the subsidy is not timely"

"but it may take years to improve, including accelerating the construction of smart electricity, increasing the amount of new energy in electricity." An executive of Tianhua sunshine believes that domestic enterprises need more patience, "for example, the installed capacity of wind power last year exceeded 20GW, which was unimaginable in the past"

according to the plan of leading the approval of the "golden sun" demonstration project in 2012, the subsidy standard for the user side photovoltaic power generation project in 2012 is determined to be 5.5 yuan/watt; According to provinces, the subsidized installed capacity of the top provinces and cities are 273mw in Jiangsu, 139mw in Zhejiang, 130MW in Guangdong, 111m in Anhui, and 107mw in Beijing. Zhonghua glass () Department

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