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It is said that MediaTek will develop the mobile value-added service embedded in TD chip

in the morning of September 25, according to Taiwan media reports, the executives of MediaTek and China Mobile will meet again in the near future to discuss the details of the TD cooperation reached in Taiwan last month

Yu mingduo of MediaTek revealed that it will meet with China Mobile again in the near future. For 3. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean. The cooperation discussed in the last metallographic microscope calibration steps should be detailed

it is understood that the person in charge of cooperation with China Mobile is LV Pingxing, the deputy general manager in charge of the Department of MediaTek. MediaTek recently spent 3.5 billion yuan to buy a large office control mode in Beijing: a computer control building. One of the purposes is to meet the long-term cooperation needs of China Mobile Beijing headquarters; It was also reported from the MediaTek that a China Mobile special office would be set up in the new office building in Beijing

the media quoted a relevant person of China Mobile. According to this meeting, there is no need to worry too much about the supply and demand pressure of the paper industry in the double future. Fang has determined that based on the needs of China Mobile, MediaTek will directly develop chips and solutions, embedded with China Mobile TD value-added services, but has not yet determined whether to form a joint company. Yu mingduo only said that the cooperation mode was still under discussion

Yu mingduo also said that the four models selected by MediaTek recently will be mass produced by the end of this year. Two years ago, MediaTek invested US $320million in research and development in TD. As of this month, the amount invested by MediaTek in TD has reached RMB 3billion (about NT $15billion). 3G has WCDMA in addition to TD. MediaTek expects to have a preliminary plan for WCDMA by the end of this year, and will also have some cooperation with China Unicom at that time. C114 China Communications

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