The second batch of provincial environmental prote

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The second batch of provincial environmental protection supervisors and special supervisors in Gansu launch year

the second batch of provincial environmental protection supervisors and special supervisors in Gansu launch year

July 11, 2018

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the Gansu Provincial Environmental Protection Supervision Office recently issued the "pre notice on carrying out the second batch of provincial environmental protection supervisors in 2018" and the "pre notice on carrying out the special supervision of provincial environmental protection in 2018", The second batch of environmental protection inspectors in Gansu Province and special provincial environmental protection inspectors in 2018 are scheduled to be launched in mid July

it is reported that the provincial environmental protection inspectors have established five provincial environmental protection supervision teams, which will be stationed in Lanzhou, Baiyin, Zhangye, Dingxi and Linxia. The leaders are deputy provincial leaders, and the members are members of the provincial people's Congress, the provincial government and the relevant departments of the provincial CPPCC. The provincial environmental protection supervisors mainly carry out supervision by listening to reports, reading materials, individual conversations, visits and inquiries, accepting reports, on-site spot checks, sinking supervision, etc., to understand and master the implementation of major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on environmental protection by the municipal Party committee and government under supervision, the implementation and work promotion of environmental protection responsibilities of relevant departments at the municipal level, and the implementation of environmental protection work by county and district party committees and governments

in the specific supervision, adhere to the problem orientation, and focus on understanding the implementation and deployment of major decisions such as the opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization, and the implementation plan of Gansu Province and Canada to quickly promote the construction of ecological civilization by paying attention to the first series of costs generated in the future use process; The applicable industry and scope are manufacturers of automobile suspension springs and motorcycle shock absorber springs, or automobile, motorcycle industry and shock absorber enterprises, focusing on the inspection of the implementation of environmental protection, such as the same responsibility of the party and government and the dual responsibility of one post, as well as the provisions of Gansu Province on ecological environment protection (Trial); Focus on supervising the improvement of river water quality, urban ambient air quality, centralized drinking water source and groundwater quality in towns and above, important ecological function areas, nature reserves, rural areas and other ecological environment quality in the supervised areas; Focus on the rectification and implementation of the prominent environmental problems, the problems pointed out by the central special inspection on the Qilian Mountains, the problems pointed out by the feedback of the central environmental protection supervision, and the letters and visits assigned

according to the arrangement, the entry time of the supervision team is about 15 days. During the entry of the supervision team, each supervision team will set up a special duty box and a post office box to accept the letters and calls of the inspected city and state environment in ASTM Specifications on the use of standard Charpy V-shaped samples for protection and ecological civilization construction

(2) the overall economic benefits have improved. It is also understood that the provincial special environmental protection inspectors have been launched synchronously, and nine inspection teams have been established to carry out special inspections in Jiuquan, Qingyang, Longnan, Jinchang, Jiayuguan, Tianshui, Wuwei, Pingliang and Linxia. The special supervision team is composed of personnel and relevant experts drawn from 15 departments in the province. Special inspectors mainly carry out supervision by means of reading materials, inquiring and verifying, accepting reports, spot checking, sinking some counties and districts, and focus on the deployment of municipal Party committees and governments to promote the rectification work of the central environmental protection inspectors, and the implementation of rectification, work promotion and specific implementation of rectification work by relevant municipal departments. The time of special supervision is 10 working days

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