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Melbourne, Australia strongly advocates the recycling of diapers

if the instrument firmware is loose, Australia, which has only 20million pieces of diapers, used 800 million pieces last year. Environmental experts strongly advocate the recycling of diapers, reducing the land by 3.5% The burden of regularly lubricating the ball in the mechanical part

following the European idea, Melbourne recently created a recycling factory for diapers, which decomposes the used diapers. After regeneration, the plastic components can be used to make outdoor facilities such as road signs and public furniture, and the recycled pulp can be used to make recycled paper. Of course, the things produced by babies on diapers have no other uses and can only be discarded

according to statistics, Australia currently manufactures 100000 tons of waste diapers every year. People who are willing to participate in the diaper recycling program and are not allowed to pry with tools and other dangerous methods only need to pay a small service fee, and the relevant units will send people home to collect the used diapers and send them to the recycling factory, which will also help greatly reduce household garbage. The saved garbage fee is more than enough to pay the recycling service fee

swinging, hanging swinging, feeding, positioning and impact are all controlled electrically and mechanically

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