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Many measures have been taken to promote the development of Gaoming plastic industry

with the exploration in the fields of innovation and industrial chain extension, the plastic industry in Gaoming District has broken its cocoon and become a butterfly. Through the construction of plastic headquarters and other ways, the regional competitiveness of the industry has been improved, and a unique road of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries has been explored

plastic products are one of the industries with the largest experimental force (n) 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 of Gaoming's traditional pillar 1. At present, Gaoming has formed an industrial chain supporting synthetic leather, plastic products, chemical industry and plastic machinery

in order to better promote development, the plastic industry association also assisted in formulating a technical roadmap for the smart plastic industry this year. Through a systematic analysis of the market demand, industrial objectives, technical barriers, etc. of the local plastic industry, the roadmap establishes the near, medium and long-term technical research and development needs of the local plastic industry, so as to choose the most effective path of technological innovation and industrial development and upgrading

at the recently held high-end forum on risk management of the plastic industry, experts also offered suggestions to promote the development of the plastic industry even after flame retardant treatment. Experts said that the plastic industry, which is in the key stage of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, can improve the business level of the industry by effectively using various tools

in the context of the uncertain global economic prospects and the proliferation of currency liquidity, the investment, operation and development of domestic plastic industry chain enterprises are facing great challenges. "Compared with the previous high-speed growth, the development of the plastic industry has encountered more resistance this year." Zeng tieqiu, President of Gaoming District plastic industry association, said. At present, in order to maintain a benign development of the plastic industry, experts attending the meeting said that at present, in the key stage of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the plastic industry, it is necessary to effectively use futures tools, improve the industry's operating level, improve the ability of enterprises to cope with risks, and promote the stable and healthy development of the plastic industry

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