The Second Artillery Missile array camouflage coat

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The camouflage coating of the "Second Artillery" missile array is made in Changzhou

the camouflage coating of the "Second Artillery" missile array is made in Changzhou

September 7, 2015

[China paint information] on the morning of September 3, when reading and considering other types of polymer materials, the missile array of the Second Artillery Force was eye-catching. These manly missiles improved the appearance of the car body and improved the driving experience. A Changzhou enterprise provided camouflage paint for coating

missile troops have strong mobility and high camouflage requirements. Changzhou jiaerke simulator Co., Ltd., located in Zhenglu Town, can achieve better development. It is such an enterprise dedicated to the design and development of military camouflage coatings, camouflage, inflatable false targets, electronic targets and other camouflage equipment

President Jiang, the person in charge of the company, told that this year's military parade required that all missile vehicles must be painted according to actual combat needs. In recent years, the new process of spraying the car body by the mechanical arm has been used for the first time, and the requirements for coating quality parameters are very high, so the "sagging" phenomenon that is prone to occur before must be corrected

President Jiang told that as early as 2009, they had cooperated with an army in Beijing to conduct Digital Camouflage Coating on the air force radar array at the military parade at that time. "The product developed this time is better than the product of 2009 in terms of the complexity and reliability of stabilizing the composition of illite." President Jiang said

the painting project officially began in late July. The technicians cooperated with the manipulator to work overtime and successfully painted the "spot" camouflage on the missile vehicle. The orderly matching of camouflage paint and manipulator saves a lot of time for the spraying of missile vehicle. By early August, jiarko had painted and ensured the supply of camouflage paint for six teams in the parade: Hongqi 9 ground to air missile team, Hongqi 12/Hongqi 6A ground to air missile team, surface to surface cruise missile team, medium and long-range ballistic missile team, dongfeng-31a ballistic missile team and radar team

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