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The hand-held instrument scans the electronic tag, and the fake taxi has nowhere to hide.

it has a door badge, a ceiling lamp, and a taxi number plate. It looks like a regular taxi, but the hand-held instrument can't find its ID card (electronic tag). On the morning of September 16, the rental inspectors temporarily detained the empty car. So far, since the special rectification, the rental industry has accumulated 13 problematic cars whose size is within a specific range or within the scope specified in the standards

the hand-held instrument appeared in the form of fake rental

and is expected to replace soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for medical devices. At about 10:40 a.m. on September 16, the rental inspectors used the hand-held instrument to check the passing taxis outside the Chengdong passenger station. As long as it is a regular taxi, there is an electronic tag similar to an ID card in the car. The taxi inspector said that when the vehicle passes by, the handheld instrument will recognize the electronic tag of each vehicle and display the license plate number, subordinate company and other basic information in real time. After the identification and screening of the handheld instrument, the inspectors focused on the taxis that were not displayed by the handheld instrument

look at Shaanxi au530#, there is no information about it on the handheld instrument. Seeing a car with a door badge and a taxi number plate on the top light passing from east to west according to the patent application, the inspectors quickly drove to keep up. At the left turning lane of the East Second Ring Road on Changle Road, the inspectors used the handheld instrument to confirm again at close range, but the system still did not display the information of the car. Empty car! That's all right. After showing their certificates and separating the people and vehicles, the inspectors quickly suspended Shaanxi au530#

79 violations were rectified on site in 11 days

the appearance of empty number cars is very similar to that of regular taxis. It is difficult to find them without paying attention, but they are not without flaws. Guan Peng, the marketing department of the municipal rental management office, said that through the door emblem, ceiling lamp and license plate, rental inspectors and company managers can find problems, but it is a little difficult for ordinary passengers

it is reported that in order to strengthen the crackdown on empty number and fake license cars, each inspection team is equipped with a handheld instrument in the special rectification action of taxi service quality. Thanks to the power of high technology, 2180 regular taxis have been inspected and more than 1800 notices have been issued in the past 11 days. During the inspection, 79 violations were rectified and 18 penalties were imposed on the scene, 7 vehicles with empty numbers and fake licenses, including Shaanxi au236# were seized, and 6 vehicles were illegally operated. According to the relevant provisions of the regulations, after ordering the removal of ceiling lights, door badges and other rental facilities and equipment to eliminate illegal acts, the owners of empty numbers, licensed cars and black cars will also face a fine of 10000 to 50000 yuan. 1

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