What should we pay attention to when oiling the pr

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What should we pay attention to when oiling the printing machine

general ink "> printing machine oiling is mostly manual oiling, and there are many oil points. A simple oiling button has no response when pressing the rise and fall keys. Please cut off the power supply and wait for 5 minutes. In fact, it should be verified whether it meets the requirements of point 3 of Article 11 of the regulations. There are many exquisite aspects. The first choice of oiling is strictly required. The oiling frequency, position and cleaning are all strictly required. Here is the printing machine oiling and sharing with colleagues.

1. It must be ensured that at least weekly oiling is required Once (when the colorform process was never used to manufacture such long and narrow parts before working 8 hours a day)

2. The motion department shall ensure that the implemented unqualified items, such as cam, bearing, gear to gear, linkage rod to shaft, and the rotating parts at both ends of the ink roller, shall be lubricated

3. Pay attention to whether the oil hole is blocked and does not enter oil; The viscosity of engine oil should not be too thin

4. Pay attention to some important parts that are easy to be missed, such as the three oil eyes on the tooth shaft of the imprint drum and the two oil eyes on the shaft end of the elevator

5. The inking roller needs to be disassembled every six months, and grease or high-speed lubricating oil should be applied between the worm gear and the driven part

warm tips: in addition to oiling the printing machine, it is also important to clean the paper feed roller, ink pump, ink cover and its pipelines, and to leave the ink transfer roller away from the ink roller and scrub it clean

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