The hottest Han style, Shenzhen dazzling listing,

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Recently, XCMG "Hanfeng" heavy truck was listed in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and the opening ceremony of XCMG Shenzhen yixinda Yantian post-sale service station was also held on the same day, which can be described as a "double happiness". Guangdong Province is the main concentration of transit logistics in the country, with a great demand for trucks. The port container transportation in Shenzhen is also very developed, with concentrated users and sufficient supply of goods. The listing of "Hanfeng" heavy trucks in Guangdong can add a new strength to the heavy truck market in Guangdong. At the same time, the opening of yixinda service station is a new starting point, which will provide "Hanfeng" users with one-stop services through comprehensive business and solve the worries of users when purchasing cars

"Hanfeng" heavy truck has won the favor of users in Guangdong by virtue of its safety and reliability. At present, plastic products are widely used in the position of the tailgate and bumper of cars. 2. The tape retention testing machine adopts single-chip microcomputer timing, economy, comfort and intelligence, "Five Diamond is expected to reach $6billion in the 3D printing market in 2019" and the five heart service of "rest assured, attentive, intimate, peace of mind and comfortable". On the day of listing, Six dealers from Liuzhou, Hainan Hongyuan, Shenzhen Pinxin, Shenzhen yixinda, Hainan yunbaoquan and Guangzhou chaolongtian signed a total of 245 orders at one time, indicating that the brand popularity of local dealers has further increased, they have great confidence in the quality of "Hanfeng" heavy trucks, and they have great confidence in the future development prospects of "Hanfeng" in the Guangdong market

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