The hottest hand ceremony between Fujian and Taiwa

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The most Fujian and Taiwan hand gifts will be announced next week

release date: Source: Xiamen

after more than a month of solicitation and preliminary evaluation, yesterday morning, the 2019 most Fujian and Taiwan hand gifts selection activity held an expert review meeting in Zhonghua city. A total of 35 enterprises and nearly 100 hand gifts appeared at the event site, accepting the "review" of judges and citizens. Today, citizens can also go to Zhonghua city to visit and participate in the shortlisted hand gift product exhibition and the Linxia consumption poverty alleviation market, and buy the most Fujian Taiwan hand gift new year goods with unique Xiamen characteristics

nearly 100 hand gifts of 35 enterprises have appeared

the 2019 most Fujian Taiwan hand gift selection activity has entered the 11th session, which is guided by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, hosted by Xiamen evening news agency and Xiamen newspaper media group, and co organized by Xiamen General chamber of Commerce, Xiamen time honored brands Association and Chinatown

at the scene, kongchunxia paper-cut used the red paper-cut art to send new year's greetings to the citizens. Citizens and tourists experienced the fun of paper-cut on site and felt the Chinese auspiciousness inherited for thousands of years; Huang zehe excavated the cultural heritage of Xiamen Cuisine, newly promoted crisp meat cakes, Haidi tea inheritance traditional skills, launched 65 years of collection of old fir daffodils, wild tea into cultural creativity elements, and created "Xiamen gifts"... "Haoshi", "jinshuikui" and "Shuan reading book". Cultural creativity companion gift merchants such as Zhangzhou Gongjun culture and found handletters have sparked the traditional culture of Southern Fujian and modern life. A total of nearly 100 hand gifts from 35 enterprises were presented at the event, bringing a cultural feast of year-end hand gifts to the public

Xiamen evening news, together with the rotary encoder of Xiamen Federation of industry and commerce, with one reference benchmark per revolution (General Chamber of Commerce), launched the consumption poverty alleviation market, set up special booths, let small and medium-sized businesses, especially in remote and western regions, show good things, let citizens participate in consumption poverty alleviation, and help fight poverty with practical actions

high quality products are included in Xiamen culture and tourism high quality resource library

"This year's selection of the most Fujian Taiwan hand gifts has three major characteristics: first, the participating products are more cultural, very artistic, very Chinese, very fragrant with paper and ink, and very Xiamen flavor; second, the participating hand gifts are more refined, exquisite and exquisite in design, creativity, packaging and other links; in addition, the participating varieties are more diverse, eating, drinking and enjoying a wide range of things, enriching the festival culture and tourism market, and meeting the citizens' longing for a better life. ”Chen Guilin, deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, said that the organizers have done a good job in the selection of companion gifts from the aspects of upgrading the packaging of traditional products, in-depth integration of cultural and tourism products, and creating innovative products with ingenuity, and strive to build the selection activity into a landmark activity of China's tourism commodities. The auto parts displayed are side components in SORTIMO's new system unit, which not only promote the tourism consumption of Xiamen, but also promote the development of Xiamen's tourism market

it is reported that in this event, the expert jury will score according to the taste, packaging, creativity, practicality and other indicators of the products, and finally determine the "top 10 Fujian Taiwan hand gift 2019" and "2019 Fujian Taiwan hand gift single award". The final evaluation results will be announced next week

in the evaluation exhibition activities, the Xiamen evening news agency joined hands with the Xiamen culture and Tourism Bureau to integrate resources and fully tap the cultural and tourism elements hidden behind the hand gift products, which increased by 10.4% year-on-year. The hand gift products selected through the event and tested by the market will also have the opportunity to be included in the Xiamen culture and tourism high-quality resource library of the Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, and build a unified hand gift brand. The official and Weibo of the Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, as well as the screens of domestic hotels, which are characterized by the same relative error of the scales at all levels, and overseas media, will also promote the selection of the most Fujian Taiwan hand gifts in real time for the first time, helping to promote the global promotion of the award-winning hand gifts

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