The hottest hand-made paper is fashionable again

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Handmade paper is "fashionable" again

there are 172 households and 640 people in Baoshi village, Ehu Town, Qianshan County, without a hill field. Since the Yuan Dynasty, villagers have been making paper by hand for generations. So far, the villagers' household registration still says paper workers. However, over the past 20 years, the manual papermaking in Baoshi village has been deserted. In the past, in the villages near the mountains and rivers, the sound of stone pestles from the rise and fall of pestles and the sound of paper workers working with lights in the trough house until dawn was no longer lively and quiet. After the beginning of summer this year, when Hsinchu was branching, the sound of stone pestles rising and falling in the tank house of the supporting stone village rang again, and the young people who returned home to make handmade paper became lively again

in the early 1980s, every household in Baoshi village, Ehu Town, Qianshan County still slotted for woolen edge paper, and paper merchants from Jiangsu and Zhejiang still came to order. But in the middle and late 1980s, there was a wonderful way to deal with this great enemy. Because of the high cost of manual high-end positioning and benchmarking 1-stream paper, the market for rough edged paper used for printing books, painting, writing, etc. gradually lost, and the young people in the village continued to go out to work for a living. By the 1990s, there were only some old people in the village who still made general felt paper for collecting music, offering sacrifices, funerals, going to graves, etc. By 2006, the village had increased by nearly 42 times compared with 2012, with only two slot houses. Since 2001, some domestic enterprises have gradually mastered independent intellectual property rights and gradually gained competitive potential in some fields; However, in June of 2006, after Qianshan Lianshi paper was listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list, people such as calligraphy and painting lovers and ancient book printers came to Qianshan to look for Lianshi paper, raw edge, Guanshan, Jingchuan and other Qianshan handmade paper. Some migrant workers in Baoshi village returned to the village to make paper. Especially this year, a group of young people, including villagers fugulin, Li Wenbo and Zhou Jianbiao, returned to the village to make paper again and resume traditional handmade paper production. These young people said that they must continue to make hand-made paper in Baoshi village, expand the market of rough edged paper in Baoshi village and develop the local rural economy

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