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The best hand chopping product of the year Dajiang released aerial photo UAV Royal mavic 2

original title: the best hand chopping product of the year Dajiang released aerial photo UAV Royal mavic 2 [pconline information] civil UAV

original title: the best hand chopping product of the year Dajiang released aerial photo UAV Royal mavic 2

[pconline information] a leader in the field of civil UAV. Dajiang innovation released "Royal" mavic 2 series UAV on August 23, Including "Royal" mavic 2 professional version and "Royal" mavic 2 zoom version. The official of Dajiang positioned the "Royal" mavic 2 series as the "flagship of portable aerial photography", which continued the unique and pioneering folding fuselage design of the "Royal" mavic pro, and integrated hassu imaging and optical zoom technology into a more advanced flight platform, once again refreshing the image quality limit of consumer grade aerial photography UAVs

"Yu" 2 professional version is equipped with the l1d-20c aerial camera jointly developed by Dajiang and hassu, and uses a one inch 20million pixel CMOS sensor. "Yu" 2 zoom version is the first time to apply an optical zoom lens on a consumer grade aerial camera UAV, with an equivalent focal length of mm. In addition, both UAVs support one click shooting and synthesis of delayed video

in addition to significantly improving the shooting performance on the basis of basically maintaining the same volume, the "Royal" mavic 2 professional version and the "Royal" mavic 2 zoom version have significantly improved the flight performance, digital image transmission performance, intelligent shooting and safety performance compared with the previous generation products, creating another technical peak of consumer grade aerial photography UAV

Luo Zhenhua, President of Dajiang innovation, said: "the birth of the 'Yu' product line clearly defines the evolution direction of consumer grade aerial photography UAVs, and the 'Yu' 2 series is the latest achievement of this development trend. On the basis of the comprehensive upgrading of flight technology, the 'Yu' 2 series carries different types of aerial photography cameras through differentiation, meeting the extreme pursuit of camera image quality and lens language of photography lovers‘ Yu '2 series will let more aerial photography lovers experience the natural combination of image art and UAV technology, and capture the beauty of light and shadow with a new perspective. "

"Royal" mavic 2 Professional Edition: image legend hassu meets Xinku aerial photography

"Royal" mavic 2 professional edition is equipped with the l1d-20c aerial camera jointly developed by Dajiang and hassu. It has 1. In particular, the building insulation system in Japan has adopted a large number of phenolic plate inch CMOS sensors, with color weak light performance and dynamic range, and can take photos up to 20million pixels. With a built-in wide-angle lens with an equivalent focal length of 28mm, the aperture value can be freely adjusted between f/2.8-f/11, which is convenient for presenting clear and sharp images in complex environments

the Hasu color science team worked closely with Dajiang engineers to adjust the color standard that meets the Hasu HNCS natural color solution according to the sensor spectral response characteristics and camera lens characteristics of the l1d-20c aerial camera. There is no need for users to manually adjust, so that the tear intensity value can be obtained, which can provide the best natural color effect and make the tone more smooth and delicate

in terms of video, thanks to the stronger image processor and CMOS sensor, "Royal" mavic 2 professional edition can shoot 10 bit dlog-m and 4K HDR video. Dlog-m video can provide photography lovers with more space for later color matching, and can meet the needs of professional photographers. HDR video can be played through the display that supports HLG standard. The recorded video can show a higher dynamic range of colors without late color matching

"Royal" mavic 2 zoom version: optical zoom enables creation

"Royal" mavic 2 zoom version is equipped with Dajiang's first optical zoom camera for consumer grade aerial photography, with a built-in 1/2.3-inch 12million pixel CMOS sensor. It supports 2x optical zoom, covering 24mm-48mm focal length, supplemented by an additional 2x electronic zoom, which can achieve up to 4x lossless zoom when shooting Full HD video

in order to improve the focusing speed and accuracy, "Yu" mavic 2 zoom version adopts a hybrid focusing mode combining phase focusing and contrast focusing, and the focusing speed is increased by about 40%. With the intelligent focusing system, it can ensure that the subject remains clear and sharp during the zoom process

referring to the creative techniques of professional landscape photographers, Dajiang developed a "super resolution" mode for the "Royal" mavic 2 zoom version. In the "super resolution" mode, the user can take the view at the wide-angle end, and the camera will automatically take 9 photos by adjusting the lens orientation at the long focus end. Finally, the powerful internal processing capacity of the "Royal" 2 zoom version is used to synthesize 48 million pixel ultra-high resolution photos

the excellent autonomous flight ability of the "Royal" mavic 2 zoom version also makes it possible to shoot with a dolly zoom. Users only need to click the screen and frame the shooting object, and the "Royal" mavic 2 zoom version can automatically achieve an impact visual effect by changing the zoom angle and moving away from the shooting subject

image upgrade, one click View of the changes in the world

in addition to the excellent shooting performance brought by different cameras, the "Royal" mavic 2 series image function has been fully upgraded. The "Royal" mavic 2 series makes a breakthrough in using strong airborne computing power to develop a mobile time-lapse photography function that supports automatic synthesis of output video. Users can generate a stable, high-definition, smooth movie level time-lapse short film with one click, and easily experience the infinite fun of large-scale mobile time-lapse photography

"Royal" mavic 2 series supports one click shooting time-lapse photography in four flight modes - free mode, surround time-lapse, directional time-lapse and trajectory time-lapse. Users can freely choose different shooting modes according to their own lens planning. The camera can also save JPEG/raw format photos in time-lapse photography at the same time, leaving more space for post-processing. In the future, "Yu" 2 series will also provide a "task library" function to store flight tracks. Users can fly the same track at different times to record the amazing scene of time change

in addition, the "Royal" mavic 2 series can shoot 4K 30 FPS video with a code rate of up to 100Mbps, and supports h.265 coding format with higher compression rate; With enhanced HDR photo mode, you can synthesize a high tolerance photo by superimposing more photos. In enhanced HDR mode, the tolerance of "Royal" mavic 2 professional version is up to 14ev, and that of "Royal" mavic 2 zoom version is up to 13ev

intelligent follow-up has entered the era of 2.0, adding a layer of protection for flight.

on the "Royal" mavic 2 series, Dajiang intelligent follow-up technology has ushered in version 2.0. Intelligent following 2.0 introduces the perceptual information of the forward-looking vision system, which can build a 3D map of the surrounding environment and the following target. It not only greatly improves the recognition accuracy, but also predicts the target position through the trajectory prediction algorithm, so as to maintain the aircraft following state more accurately when the target is temporarily blocked by obstacles such as trees. Thanks to more prominent environmental awareness, users are also allowed to increase the maximum follow-up speed to 72 km/h in an open environment, making it possible to catch cars, boats and other fast scenes

what complements smart follow 2.0 is an excellent security system. "Yu" mavic 2 series has a fully upgraded flightautonomy system, and 10 visual sensors throughout the fuselage provide it with six direction environmental perception ability, which can improve safety in complex flight environment:

binocular vision sensors in front and back of the fuselage, equipped with APAs advanced flight assistance system, can identify obstacles in front of them in front and back flight and independently plan obstacle avoidance paths to ensure a consistent shooting experience

the down looking binocular vision sensor and infrared distance sensor can assist in accurate hovering within a height of 50 meters, and are equipped with innovative led fill light, so that the UAV can also rely on binocular vision sensors to accurately locate at night

add monocular vision sensors on the left and right sides, which can detect the flight path in intelligent follow and tripod mode. Beijing University of chemical technology also cooperates with Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering and Hangzhou Chaoyang Rubber Co., Ltd. to detect obstacles on the left and right sides

equipped with overhead infrared distance sensor, it can detect obstacles up to 8 meters above

ingenious design creates a reliable flight experience

"Yu" mavic 2 series is the highest performance consumer grade aerial photography UAV in Dajiang. On the basis of "Yu" mavic pro, Dajiang has improved the aerodynamic design of "Yu" mavic 2 series. The air resistance in high-speed flight can be reduced by 19%, the maximum flight speed can be increased to 72km/h and the endurance time can be increased to 31 minutes in sports mode. FOC sine wave driven electric harmonic noise reduction propeller significantly reduces noise interference and avoids flying noise disturbing the surrounding

while improving the flight performance, Dajiang also designed a new enhanced three-axis mechanical PTZ for the "Royal" mavic 2 series, further improving the stability of the PTZ. Whether connected with the hassu aerial camera of "Royal" mavic 2 professional version, or at the long focus end of the lens of "Royal" mavic 2 zoom version, the enhanced three-axis mechanical pan tilt can shoot stable and smooth videos and static images

for image transmission, the "Royal" mavic 2 series is equipped with a new HD digital image transmission system ocusync 2.0, which can realize 1080p Full HD image transmission within 8 kilometers. Compared with the 2.4GHz single frequency of "Royal" mavic pro, ocusync 2.0 supports automatic switching of 2.4/5.8ghz dual frequency communication, which can be adjusted to the best channel in real time during flight, significantly improving the anti-interference ability of aircraft in complex environments. The upgraded image transmission system can also transfer 1080p high-definition video or original size JPE, so the trick is to pour g photo files very quickly and cache them locally during the flight, which is convenient for quick sharing. The "Royal" mavic 2 series also adds 8GB of onboard storage space, which can store image files in the camera without inserting a micro SD card

price and delivery

the "Royal" mavic 2 professional version equipped with hassu camera costs 9588 yuan, and the "Royal" mavic 2 zoom version with twice the optical zoom ability costs 7888 yuan, both of which include an Intelligent Flight battery, a remote control with screen, spare paddles, charger and other accessories. In addition, users of "Yu" 2 series can also choose and buy an all-round accessory bag, which includes 2 Smart flight batteries, 2 sets of spare blades, car charger, charging steward, battery mobile power converter and one shoulder backpack. The price of the all-round accessory bag is 1999 yuan. From now on, Dajiang official mall,, tmall and flagship stores in Shenzhen, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai began to be sold simultaneously. In the future, users can also purchase the "Royal" mavic 2 series PTZ camera switching service through the official after-sales service of Dajiang

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