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Sichuan: face changing medicine face changing rise

"in the hands of some pharmaceutical companies and drug dealers, copper can turn into gold." Gao Chunfang, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, said in an interview: "there are too many shady scenes in the production, circulation and sales of drugs, which is the main reason for the falsely high drug prices."

the president of PLA 150 hospital, who has been engaged in medical work for more than 30 years, said: "as long as you change the name, some manufacturers will dare to sell drugs at a falsely high price dozens or even hundreds of times the cost price." Gao Chunfang gave several examples one after another: a cold medicine injection with penicillin as its core ingredient costs only 60 cents. After adding a little irrelevant ingredient, the price soared to 150 yuan to 600 yuan a piece; The norfloxacin component of a few yuan does not change, and it becomes a new drug with a package of more than 100 yuan...

3 The sample and clamping part "there are many 'face changing drugs' like this." Gao Chunfang said that in order to pursue greater profits, pharmaceutical companies and drug dealers have changed some cheap and effective drugs and re priced them according to "new drugs", which has become an open secret in the pharmaceutical industry. 1. All framework structures. There are many ways to change the face. Some of them only increase the price by changing the packaging or name of drugs without changing the composition and content of drugs; Some achieve the purpose of increasing drug prices by changing dosage forms and specifications without any change in pharmacological effects and clinical indications


patients: more than doubled with a box

on July 3, an old woman came to Chengdu Welfare pharmacy and wanted to buy a box of "QianLieKang" and dozens of bottles of "Rendan". The sales lady gave the old woman a box of "QianLieKang", claiming that the price was 10.2 yuan/box. "How did the price rise? It was only more than 7 yuan before." Later, the sales lady took a box of "human pills", and the old woman couldn't recognize it: "the original one was bottled, how did it become boxed?" The sales lady explained that it was still bottled. When asked about the price, it is now 2.1 yuan a box, and there is a bottle in a box. Originally, there was no box, and the price was less than 1 yuan. It's too planned to reasonably select and adjust these two parameters to reduce the partial load. Liva angrily said that the price would more than double with an additional box. What's the use of taking a box? It's really unreasonable

seller: This is an open secret.

a drug seller said in an interview that it is an open secret of the pharmaceutical industry to change the packaging of drugs or change some drug ingredients, and turn old drugs into new drugs to achieve the purpose of raising prices. Insiders call these drugs "face changing drugs"

"face changing medicine" has two main ways to change face. First, change the packaging. The name, composition and efficacy of some drugs have not changed, but the packaging has changed. Second, some drug ingredients were changed. The drug dealer cited an example. The main ingredients of a cold medicine have not changed. This year, the manufacturer added artificial bezoar and caffeine to the medicine, and its price doubled

pharmacist: the efficacy of "face changing medicine" has not changed

in the interview, the pharmacist of the drugstore told that the face changing medicine only changed the "face" and the price rose, but its drug efficacy has not changed. Because compared with the original old drugs, the manufacturers and main ingredients of face changing drugs have not changed. In order to better identify "face changing drugs", in addition to paying more attention to drug packaging and price changes, patients can ask the salesperson whether the price of the drug has increased, whether the packaging has changed, and whether the manufacturer and drug ingredients have changed when purchasing drugs

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