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What should I do if the unburned brick machine breaks down

1 when the brick press suddenly parks, it will be stuck.

because of too much filler, hard objects fall into the mold hole before use.

make the piston rise and adjust the appropriate feeding depth or eliminate hard objects at the same time.

the pig iron market continues to be weak. 2. The rotary mechanism operates normally, but because the rotary table does not move.

the automatic card spring breaks and fails. 2. The automatic card head is worn too much.

replace the spring 2 Replace the automatic card

3, the rotating disc rolls with vibration

1), the impact between the automatic card and the rotating disc is large

2), the roller on the mold does not move on the track

1), adjust the gap between the automatic card and the lower part of the disc to be no more than 1 mm

2), repair the investment of 1million left and right or replace the stuck roller

4, the thickness of the pressed brick is small

1), and the thrust plate under the rotating disc caused by poor lubrication is excessively worn


2) Adjust the position of the eccentric shaft of the brick pressing mechanism

1), improve the lubrication, if the special committee is a united, upward, learning, innovative community organization, the pushing blade should be replaced if it is worn too much

2), adjust the eccentric shaft until the high temperature is appropriate

5, the full thickness of the extruded brick blank is larger

1), the wear of the top plate of the brick pressing piston

2), the wear of all bearing shells of the brick pressing mechanism is too large

3) The clearance between the bottom surface of the pressure bearing part and the big plate is too large

4), the wear at the bottom of the mold is too large

1), adjust the eccentric shaft, if it cannot be maintained, replace the new base plate

2), adjust the wedge of the shaft part to make the clearance between the bottom surface of the pressure bearing part and the top of the big plate 0.5mm

3) Repair the bottom plane of the mold

6 individual bricks are heavier than the general bricks

individual mold rollers are damaged too much, resulting in an increase in the depth of the filler

replace the mold rollers

7 at the moment of pressing bricks, the crankshaft and transmission shaft vibrate

uneven wear of the gears

change the direction of the gear ring on the crankshaft, that is, turn half a circle and fix it

technical safety of non burning brick machine

1). When the machine is running, all protective covers and floor covers must be installed

2). Check the grounding wire of the electrical department to avoid leakage, short circuit and other phenomena

3). It is strictly forbidden to stand in the direction of the motor to avoid vehicle failure

4). If the machine is found to be abnormal, it should be parked immediately for inspection and troubleshooting

5). When the brick machine is not started, it is not allowed to start the feeding mechanism, so as to avoid damage to the blank parts due to overload

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