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If you don't get dark, the sky won't get blue (green focus)

in spring, production is hot and busy everywhere. Walking into Dejin Glass Co., Ltd. in Shahe City, Xingtai, Hebei Province, a huge manipulator is stacking the formed glass plates neatly on the shelf

at the other end of the production workshop, the staff are staring at the data on the environmental self-monitoring equipment. "According to these curves and parameters, we control the increase and decrease of materials in real time to ensure that the emission of particulate matter does not exceed the standard." Said Gang Xiaoliang, Minister of environmental protection of the company

Shahe City is called the "city of glass". The large number of glass enterprises has added impetus to economic development, but has put pressure on the local environment. In the past two years, Shahe has increased the pollution control of glass enterprises layer by layer. According to local people, all the black smoke in the factory in the past has turned into white smoke (steam)

in Dejin Glass Co., Ltd., the "float" production with low pollution and low energy consumption has completely replaced the previous "lattice" production. In the past two years, the company has taken a series of pollution control measures, realized waste heat power generation and used green energy

according to fanheyi, deputy general manager of the company, the requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher. The company spontaneously invested more than 50 million yuan in 2016 to install wet electrostatic precipitator equipment on all six production lines, and the particulate emission is controlled at about 10 mg/m3, which is far lower than the national and local standards

in fact, this "decontamination" wave of Shahe glass enterprises is only a microcosm of the pollution control of enterprises in Xingtai City

for many years, Xingtai has been plagued by "heavy siege". In addition to glass enterprises, there are more than 130 heavy industrial enterprises such as steel, coal and cement. Due to the neglect of governance in the early years, the air quality continued to decline, and the blue sky became less and less

since 2013, Xingtai has taken air pollution control as a leading priority, targeting polluting enterprises and implementing targeted governance. Over the past few years, the atmospheric quality of Xingtai has improved steadily, and its ranking on the city's "black list" has also risen from the penultimate lead in 2013 to the penultimate fourth in 2016. Compared with 2013, Xingtai PM2 in 2016. 5 the absolute amount of annual average concentration decline, the increase in the number of days to reach the standard, the decline rate of the comprehensive index and other indicators rank first in Hebei Province

in recent years, for traditional polluting enterprises such as steel, glass and coking, Xingtai TDI soft foam polyether for vehicles: current situation interpretation and Trend Outlook (Wu Ying, market analyst of PWC consulting) on the one hand, enterprises are forced to treat within a time limit by meeting environmental protection standards, and on the other hand, pollution reduction is promoted by reducing production capacity. 2 from 2013 to 2016, the city reduced ironmaking performance by 2.07 million tons, steelmaking by 2.04 million tons, eliminated 1.96 million tons of backward cement and 59.7 million tons of glass, and arranged 6 Lectures in total

for Xinshang enterprises, Xingtai strictly controls environmental protection. In order to curb the source of pollution, 14 types of construction projects that may affect air quality within 30 kilometers of the urban area will not be accepted or approved

at the same time, the city has continued to strengthen ecological restoration, and built 300-500 meter shelterbelts in the factories of key polluting enterprises around the ring to absorb dust and other pollutants. In 2016, the city's forest coverage increased by 1. 81 percentage points

"in the treatment of polluting enterprises, if the face is not dark, the sky will not be blue." Siguoliang, director of Xingtai Environmental Protection Bureau, said. It is understood that in 2016, Xingtai City investigated and dealt with 1004 enterprises' illegal sewage discharge acts, 505 enterprises were rectified within a time limit, and 259 enterprises were shut down and banned. A total of 160 suspect were arrested and 24 staff members who failed to perform their duties were punished by Party discipline

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