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FAA zhankedong company shines brightly

faa zhankedong company shines brightly

c. tray equipment: when the sample used for creep and durability experiments cracks,

industrial switch series products explode again in industrial ether

golden autumn October, flowers are blooming and everything is renewed. Due to the call of FAA exhibition, the Pudong New International Expo Center in Shencheng has obtained the corresponding driving force by launching a large number of electrons, which has attracted experts in the field of industrial automation and control. In response to the trend, the science and technology movement company enthusiastically participated in the exhibition held from the 12th to the 15th. As this exhibition is jointly launched by five major exhibitions, there are many experts and scholars in the industry coming and going, making it popular

after careful preparation, Kedong showed the main products of industrial ether and can, which will add a production capacity of 9million square meters of composite reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane/devicenet and ARCNET. As our slogan says: Science and technology industry ether, every piece of fine products. The excellent appearance design, fully applicable performance indicators and simple and reliable installation method of the products of Kedong company have won the unanimous praise of visitors. Among them, five port Mini switches, eight port management switches, and 16 port and 24 port blue series management switches produced by Kedong Germany are the focus of praise, and many guests even love our products. The technical experts dispatched by the science and technology movement also demonstrated the overall solution of the ring switch in public. The superior redundancy performance of its eisx series and EICP series switches (the ring self-healing time is far less than 300 milliseconds) and the unique trunking technology between the rings (Note: using this technology can double the communication rate between the switches. For each trunking line added, the communication rate will increase by 100Mbps) amazed all guests

in terms of traditional products ARCNET, Kedong exhibited cards, hubs and other products based on this technology, and grandly promoted high-end products such as network analyzers, which attracted many guests to ask for information; C7. Display mode: data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process; In terms of an/devicenet products, scientific action focused on network analyzer, development system, can/devicenet engine and other products. This bus product is aimed at factory automation users and is expected to create greater achievements in two years

autumn means harvest. We hope our products can truly meet the needs of users in the industry. We look forward to returning with you in the surging tide of industrial automation

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