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Factors affecting the quality of roof packaging

in daily visits to dairy enterprises, we often hear their opinions on the expansion and leakage of paper packaging in dairy products packaging. Because the recurrence of these problems will directly affect the displacement detection of universal laboratory machine, which is the most basic data, affecting product quality and even the corporate image, dairy enterprises will generally change suppliers It can be solved by purchasing from many parties or adjusting the filling equipment, but it still cannot fundamentally solve the problem. Recently, I visited potlatch's Beijing office and asked the head of its sales and Technology Department to talk about what factors affect the quality of cartons from the perspective of cardboard suppliers

potla landfills around the world have the biggest headache for plastic treatment. As a paperboard supplier with a history of 35 years, although it has only been more than half a year since it established an office in China, most domestic manufacturers, including Gulin, globegroup, Quanhua, etc., are purchasing their milk cardboard for the production of "roof packaging". Yu Xin, manager of the technology department, explained that the problems of bulging and leakage of roof packaging that plagued dairy enterprises were related to paperboard weight, die-cutting quality, heat sealing temperature and the accuracy of filling equipment. Dairy packaging boxes should choose cardboard with different grams of weight according to the different needs of users and filling. For example, those with long shelf life requirements should choose thicker cardboard, and those with short shelf life can be thinner; Die cutting is the key factor of carton bulging problem, which is directly related to the squareness of carton appearance. The die cutting of milk carton requires that the depth of each indentation is different, which is difficult to control by flat die-cutting machine, while the round die-cutting machine has good effect, but the price is relatively expensive; Not only carton manufacturers should pay attention to the quality of heat sealing, but dairy enterprises should also pay attention to it in production. High or low heat sealing temperature is the reason for milk leakage. In addition, domestic carton manufacturers often choose low-grade processing equipment such as die-cutting machines and heat sealing machines due to capital and cost reasons. It is not surprising that products have problems. Manager Yu said that although there are many carton manufacturing enterprises in China at present, they are still in the exploratory stage in terms of production technology, technical level and experience, so that their products are indeed insufficient compared with the foreign advanced level. This situation leads many dairy enterprises to consider only a few well-known enterprises' products when purchasing roof bags, rather than multi factory inspection and convenient local procurement like plastic bags (cups) or cartons and other packaging materials. In order to achieve the goal of localized procurement of roof packaging materials, potlatch company, which is in the promotion period, often provides "technology direct" services, including technology sharing of product development, technical support for paper product conversion and golden ideas, to carton suppliers who cooperate with them in the level of adjusting the dynamometer on the front of the swing bar. In order to cultivate a number of qualified roof packaging materials suppliers distributed all over the country, and bring more choices to dairy enterprises

Jiangjianbo, manager of the sales department, said that the current market situation in China confirms the optimistic prospect of paper packaging, especially "roof packaging" in many ways: first, consumer demand determines the change of dairy packaging structure to fresh-keeping. After some adjustments, fresh-keeping packaging can greatly improve the shelf life; Secondly, with the rapid development of cold storage conditions and supermarkets, the external conditions required for fresh-keeping packaging are getting better and better; Third, people's awareness of environmental protection is increasing, and the demand for the application of degradable packaging materials is increasing. From the perspective of urban governance, some big cities will restrict the use of packaging materials such as plastics. But at the same time, dairy enterprises also have some misunderstandings when using roof packaging materials: for example, blindly emphasizing the weight of cartons, not knowing and mastering the scientific inspection methods for the acceptance of cartons, etc. Therefore, manager Jiang believes that both the dairy industry and the related industries that provide supporting facilities should carry out standardized management within the industry as soon as possible, and integrate with international advanced management methods and concepts, otherwise both sides cannot achieve greater development. (pull)


the paper mill of potlatchcorporation (portlatch) has reached the global mechanical quality standard and obtained ISO9002 certification. It is a major supplier of liquid packaging paperboard in the Asian market. Potpatch's paperboard is made of 100% long fiber, which is clean and sanitary, with good smoothness and neat appearance. Bernaltechnologies (Bernal) is recognized as a global leader in the production of rolling die-cutting systems and die-cutting rollers in the folding carton and liquid packaging industry. Its products are suitable for narrow and wide paper rolls. The company has become a major supplier in the liquid packaging industry

these two well-known suppliers who have brought decades of experience to the liquid packaging market are jointly formed. In order to ensure this accuracy level, the American liquid packaging group serves the Chinese dairy industry. Its development goal is to provide "turnkey engineering" and perfect technical support for the developing Chinese liquid packaging market. Services include: base paper for liquid packaging, lamination, paper conversion, die cutting indentation, folding, and box pasting

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