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Facebook open source parallel programming debugging tool racerd

manager RAC Qian, a parallel programming debugging tool under Facebook open source, said ERD. Racerd tool uses a program analysis framework to detect program errors, so as to help developers speed up the debugging of parallel code, and detect and avoid data competition in Java programs. At present, racerd supports Java and will support c++ in the future

facebook (Facebook) announced on Friday (10/20) that racerd, an open-source parallel programming debugging tool, will help developers shorten the time for debugging concurrent programming and avoid race conditions in parallel programming

parallel programming refers to that at least two or more operations operate at the same time in the system. At this time, data race is prone to occur, and because it is difficult to detect the occurrence of competition manually, developers often have to spend time debugging. At the same time, race is the main bearer of the load. Rd tools can help developers detect and avoid data race found by researchers in Java programs, And check for errors in parallel programming

racerd tool is based on the INFIR static analysis platform and uses the program analysis framework to detect program errors. Racerd tool checks the code during code compilation and generates a report of possible competition in the system for developers. Facebook claims that racerd can check more than 80 lines of code in less than 15 minutes, and can find most of the competition errors in the code

facebook also explains the benefits brought by racerd with its own experience. Facebook's Android team built parallel programs for the news feed of the mobile app, and used racerd to catch more than 1000 program errors in competition, which improved the performance of Facebook's mobile app by 5%

in addition, at present, racerd tool supports Java, and Facebook also plans to support c++ in the future

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