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Face brushing technology has attracted attention, and innovation and entrepreneurship have become the focus.

emerging electronics are rising rapidly. Its high growth and great potential have attracted many enterprises to cut through thorns on this road. Experts pointed out that among the many emerging sub industries of the electronic industry, military civilian integration, intelligent manufacturing, measurement and testing, intelligent terminals, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc. are expected to stand out in this round of upgrading and transformation. From July 16 to 18, 2015, CEF West China 2015 will be grandly held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

the theme of this exhibition is to promote intelligent manufacturing and promote military civilian integration. The exhibition is hosted by China National Electronic Equipment Corporation, organized by CLP exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd., and co organized by Chengdu Economic and Information Commission and Chengdu Expo Bureau. It presents a complete industrial chain of the Western electronic information industry as a whole, meeting the market demand of product exchange in the industry. Face brushing technology meets unmanned aerial vehicles. At this exhibition, face recognition technology (also known as face brushing Technology) came to the fore. Face brushing technology is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information for identity authentication. According to experts, the biggest feature of face brushing technology is that it can avoid personal information leakage and adopt a non-contact way to identify. Face recognition system has been widely used in the world

in China, it can also meet the needs of direct clamping of samples, and has been widely used in many important industries and fields such as public security, security, customs, finance, military, airports, border ports, security, as well as civil markets such as intelligent access control, door locks, attendance, digital cameras, intelligent toys, etc. The leading product face++ of Kuangshi technology has grown into the world's largest face recognition technology platform, and provides the best face recognition technology to developers and enterprise partners in the most simple and easy-to-use cloud service mode, including Alibaba, Lenovo, century Jiayuan and Meitu XiuXiu. The API is used more than 10million times a day. In the future, Kuangshi technology will enable all intelligent devices, including robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, driverless cars and intelligent devices, to have a pair of machine eyes to understand the world and realize real intelligence through machine vision technology. Drones also attracted much attention in this exhibition

according to the prediction of relevant analysis institutions, the market valuation of the demand for civil UAVs in China will reach 46billion yuan in the next 20 years, the total consumption of the market will double, the UAV industry will also achieve unprecedented sustained growth, and the purchase of civil UAVs will begin to rise. Zero degree UAV has the world's leading intelligent UAV machine, multi axis PTZ, Gaoxin image transmission and other product systems. The zero brand will carry the first mass consumption UAV Xplorer series for on-site display. According to experts, face brushing technology can be combined with unmanned aerial vehicles, so that unmanned aerial vehicles can have the eye of machines and realize intelligence. This is the highlight of the intelligent terminal field in this exhibition. It will be better used in the plastic recycled particle industry. These products and technologies will also lead the trend and frontier of the future industry

unlike previous exhibitions, the new smart terminal and maker industry exhibition this year has also highlighted the maker industry of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The smart terminal exhibition area will display hot industry contents such as AI smart home, UAV, wearable products and solutions, smart terminals, etc. TCL and Hisense will display the latest smart home related products. Vivo will show the latest smart products. Yunzhisheng will bring more than 20 partners to show the future development prospects of artificial intelligence in the name of AI club. In the maker exhibition area of this year's electronic exhibition, the maker exhibition area of China (West) electronic exhibition will cooperate with Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu University of information engineering and other famous universities in Chengdu and even Sichuan, attracting more than 50 start-ups and maker teams to the scene to show their latest R & D achievements, and there will be rich professional activities such as maker design competitions in the same period

the exhibition and activities in the maker exhibition area of this e-show will encourage more people to join the entrepreneurial team, and will also provide better technical and financial support to entrepreneurial enterprises and maker teams. Some analysts pointed out. Intelligent manufacturing and military civilian integration exhibition areas have attracted attention. As a large exhibition of the electronic industry, China Electronics Exhibition has the mission to promote the development of the equipment industry in the direction of automation and intelligence. The intelligent manufacturing exhibition area in this exhibition will display advanced technologies and products such as 3D printing, UAV, intelligent robot, SMT technology and equipment, harness equipment, laser equipment, PCB and PCB manufacturing equipment, semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, At the same time, it provides the industry with opportunities for relevant exchanges and discussions. Changzhou Mingsai Robot Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Ruyi Co., Ltd., stobil (Hangzhou) precision machinery and Electronics Co., Ltd., Chengdu Tuofeng Automation System Co., Ltd., Shenzhen huahaida Technology Co., Ltd. and other participating enterprises represent the advanced technical level of the industry. Their main products include dispensing equipment, soldering robot, industrial computer, etc. The military civilian integration exhibition area has attracted more attention

for example, in the field of military IOT, sensors, sensor network nodes, RF RFID and barcode, biometrics, security monitoring and other equipment are highly respected by the industry; In terms of command and control, new technologies such as air control and communication navigation technology and equipment, Beidou navigation and geographic information technology and equipment, global positioning and mobile command technology and equipment, visual remote command and control system, big data control and information acquisition and processing system will show their magic power; In the field of electronic components, military power supply, portable and ruggedized computer technology and equipment make the industry feel refreshing

in addition, this exhibition will focus on the growing demand for electronic components, testing and measurement, military civilian integration, intelligent manufacturing, information consumption and other products and technologies in the electronic information industry in Western China, focusing on consumer electronics, notebook computers, automotive electronics, digital video and audio, military industry, aerospace electronics and other hot industries in Western China. The exhibition includes electronic components, testing and measurement, intelligent manufacturing, military civilian integration Seven boutique exhibition areas, including IOT exhibition area, intelligent terminal, innovation and entrepreneurship, comprehensively display industry hotspots. Supporting professional forums this exhibition will not only display the latest technologies and products, but also support professional forums and activities, which will bring more opportunities for participants to explore relevant markets and technologies during the experiment process

the supporting activities of this exhibition include: the 21st international electronic testing and measurement seminar, the 7th China (Chengdu) electronic connector seminar, exhibitors' new products and new technologies promotion conference, China SMT industry alliance preparatory meeting, 2015 China (Chengdu) electronic exhibition electronic information products supporting docking meeting, 2015 global maker competition and maker Market carnival, the third bull; Smart industry technology seminar, Chengdu Hong Kong software industry cooperation and exchange meeting, 2015 national traveling Seminar on electronic manufacturing application technology - Chengdu, 2015 China (Chengdu) military civilian integration development forum, 2015 electromagnetic pulse and lightning protection application technology seminar, etc. In the military civilian integration exhibition area, the 2015 (Chengdu) military civilian integration development forum and the exhibition will be held at the same time. The theme of the forum is large aerospace and small components. Relevant leaders such as the Ministry of industry and information technology, the office of science, technology and industry for national defense, the eleventh major military industrial groups, research institutes, military enterprises, as well as electronic information high-tech enterprises, civilian products enterprises, scientific research institutes and other units will participate in the forum. In the smart terminal and maker exhibition area, 2015 entrepreneurial star maker competition and maker Market Carnival pushed the enthusiasm of thousands of entrepreneurs to a climax

2015 entrepreneurship star competition is the most influential entrepreneurship, maker and investment incubation activity in China. Entrepreneurship star has been held by Nanshan District (Science and Technology Innovation Service Center) of Shenzhen Nanshan District government since 2008, and has been successfully held for seven times. The 2015 entrepreneurship star hydraulic universal testing machine lead screw features introduction the maker competition is organized by the I love program. Under the leadership of the competition organizing committee and the competition results operation system, we will vigorously attract outstanding global makers to participate, explore innovative talents and innovative projects, and help China's innovation and development. It is expected that the maker competition will receive 800 + excellent maker projects. The 2015 Western China microwave and RF technology seminar in the test and measurement exhibition area is also one of the key activities of the exhibition. The 2015 Western China microwave RF technology seminar is a professional technical seminar carefully planned by the Organizing Committee of China Electronics Exhibition, which aims to build an exchange platform for engineers who design RF/microwave circuits and systems of microwave RF circuits, modules and communication systems to discuss new technologies

at that time, the technical experts from leading semiconductor manufacturers, test and measurement manufacturers and system integrators at home and abroad will present a grand event of new high-frequency circuit technology to the majority of engineers. Experts pointed out that the supporting activities and forums of this exhibition are highly professional and forward-looking, which will not only bring the latest hot spots to the industry and lead the industry trend, but also play a positive role in promoting the development of electronic information industry in the western region

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