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On the evening of January 15, the Fangyuan Group Overseas Friendship meeting was held in the multi-function hall on the third floor of Fangyuan building. Wang Xinjun, deputy general manager of Fangyuan group and chairman of the labor union, presided over the symposium

chenyangfeng, product manager of Jishi group, Taizhou Jigu Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., chairman of the group, heyongrong, vice chairman of the Bureau, and liuchangcheng, general manager of the group, delivered speeches at the symposium one after another, expressing their sincere gratitude to the enterprise on behalf of all the people of Fangyuan group who had transacted business outside Haiyang, and calling on all members of the fellowship to implement the general policy of the group to establish a new look and show new achievements in 2021, closely follow the development direction of the group, and work together, Be loyal to the enterprise, work hard, fulfill their duties, and show a new look

Gao Xiu, chairman of the board of directors of Fangyuan group, came to the scene and extended new year's greetings to the employees and their families through them. President Gao Xiu fully affirmed the positive contributions made by people outside Haiyang who actively participated in the development of the group, loved their jobs, worked hard and made continuous innovation. As the main supporting unit, xibayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd. hopes that all participants will play a master role, contribute ideas and suggestions to the development of the group, actively participate in and devote themselves to the work of the group, shoulder their own mission and make new contributions

at the symposium, gaoweihua, a director of the group who is far away in Germany, sent Spring Festival greetings to all members of the fraternity through video connection, and introduced the work of Fangyuan Group Germany Co., Ltd. in the past year

at the symposium, the participants also carried out literary and artistic activities to entertain themselves, pinned their infinite expectations for the bright future of the enterprise, felt the warmth of the surrounding family, and felt the sound situation of the group's steady and vigorous development

finally, all members of the fraternity took a group photo

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